Mobile Living Exhibition at Skylight Studios
May, 2006
Co-organized by IDNF and EI the “Mobile Living” exhibition presented 18,000 sq ft of educational and cultural exhibits / conferences addressing our modern “nomadic” lifestyle.

Mobile Living Panel Discussion at Tribeca Hotel
May, 2006
Top curators, designers and artists who worked on the mobile theme discussed their projects while exchanging their projects and views with the audience.

The Scion “t2B” Concept Car at ICFF Offsite Event
May, 2005
In conjunction with “Design Downtown”. Its concept “Subtly / Honesty / Irony – Lounge on wheels” appealed to the audience of design leaders, who is not familiar with auto show.


Vibrant Visions: Eric Chan & Karim Rashid
May, 2004
In response to Toyota’s design initiatives, “Personal Pond” by Chan and ” Meta-Objects” by Karim were exhibited “ at the Museum of Arts & Design. Sponsored by Toyota; Co-sponsored and organized by IDNF and MAD.

Design Research for Calty
April, 2004
IDNF has arranged and promoted the collaborative projects between Calty – the design division of Toyota, and NYC creative design firms for part of Calty’s design research program.

Origamic Architecture Workshop
2004 & 2003
IDNF invited Takaaki Kihara, one of the leading experts of Origamic Architecture, to hold a workshop at MAD and Gallery91 for members and friends to learn to design and create their own OA cards.


Gifu Craft Handmade Exhibition
Feb, 2003
The fine products designed by the artists from the Gifu AIR program and manufactured in Gifu, Japan were presented in the Handmade Division / NY International Gift Fair at the Javits Center.

Core 77: “Need” Exhibition
May, 2002
During ICFF week, IDNF sponsored an exhibition by Core 77 in Soho, of the winning design concepts from the competition.

Lecture @ Parson’s
May, 2002
Renowned architect, Masayuki Kurokawa, and interior designer, Takashi Sugimoto, held lectures for a room full of curious design and architecture students at Parson’s School of Design. Organized by IDNF.


Gifu World Design Competition
– Jan Ken Pon “Hand to Mouth” 2002
Its 2nd competition. Over 1,300 registrants from 69 countries. Gifu sought functional and unique new designs and concepts for tableware, cookware, etc.

Gifu Artist in Residence Program
2001 – 2003
(AIR) IDNF has selected enthusiastic designers and artists who represent North America to serve as artists-in-residence at the World Design City in Gifu, Japan. Go to our website for further details on this program.

Noguchi Museum Tour
October, 2001
Members toured the Isamu Noguchi Museum. Besides Noguchi’s works, projects by the Kanazawa Intl. Design Institute (KIDI), inspired by Noguchi’s work, were viewed. KIDI’s Stephen Talasnik led the tour.


Tokyo Designers Block
October, 2001
The great success of the Gifu AIR and the NY Design event led to Tokyo Designers Block and Tokyo Designers Week at Zero First Daikanyama with events and parties featuring the designers and design studios.

NY Design 2000 & ’01
July, 2000 & 2001
IDNF gathered 75 works by highly acclaimed New York designers for an exhibit in Gifu, Japan. The show featured furniture, lighting, tableware, etc. by leading NY Designers.

Jan Ken Pon Exhibition
May, 2001
Prototypes created by Gifu and one hundred panel entries from the 1st World Design Competition- Jan Ken Pon, were beautifully displayed at the ActiveG Showroom Gallery in Gifu.


Issey Miyake Exhibit Tour
February, 2000
Director of Issey Miyake, Jun Kanai, led fascinated groups through the Ace Gallery in Soho, explaining the process and vision behind Miyake’s “Making Things is Fun”.

Gifu World Design Competition
– Jan Ken Pon “In Our Hands” 1999-2001
Sponsored by Gifu, Japan and organized by IDNF. Utilizing traditional materials of Gifu: metal, ceramic, paper and wood. 109 entries from 18 countries.

On View at the VOID
January, 1999
Gathered at the Void Club in Soho to celebrate the new year and the rapidly growing web design industry. Highly acclaimed web designers were present to introduce their front-line innovations and creations.


Bus Trip to LongHouse Reserve
-Hideo Yamakuchi Exhibit June, 1998
Members visited LongHouse Reserve to attend the opening of Textile designer Yamakuchi’s exhibition. Tour from NY to LongHouse and gardens hosted by Mr. Jack Lenor Larsen.

“Mega Art” Studio Tour
January, 1998
Members visited the studio of Udi Aloni, whose body of artwork incorporates digitally combined photographs, text and paintings that are large enough in scale, to cover the sides of buildings.

Design & Science Lecture @ SPY Club
October, 1997
IDNF invited two speakers John Allen and Kazuo Kawasaki, who were presented with the question “Can design link humanity and technology?”


Seki Cut Design Competition
The competition was held 3 times for design schools around the world. Entries evaluated by internationally renowned designers. Award ceremony of 1st one held at the Sony Plaza. 3rd at St Peter’s Church, N.Y.C.

An Evening in Soho
November, 1996
Held at Smart Design Studio, in honor of Ettore Sottsass and Lisa Krohn, recipients of the Brooklyn Museum’s Lifetime Achievement and Young Designer Awards.


Design on the Internet & Beyond
May, 1996
Event by IDNF brought together designers, media specialists, and digital design novices in exploring new collaboration and creativity. Held at Digital Exchange and in conjunction with United Digital Artists. Japanese TV/NHK covered the event.