Jan Ken Pon "Hand to Mouth" 2nd Gifu World Design Competition Award Ceremony
at GIFU city, Japan on Feb.25th. 2004

The name: Jan Ken Pon is perfect. It is the name for the universal children's game Rock, Paper, Scissors, which are the three main crafts of Gifu: ceramics, paper and metal!  
We thank Gifu for gathering the winners together. All except one of the 12 winners (and their families) came here for the awards celebration! This kind of international cross pollination expands the perspective of both the designers and the hosts! It is a good method to build the stature of Gifu Prefecture and the design community.

But the competition is just the beginning of the process - after the selection of the concepts, the process of making prototypes, producing and marketing new products is a learning experience for both the local manufactures and the designers.
Part of the celebration was a tour of factories and museums.

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Text & Photo Provided by:
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Gifu Prefecture

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